No matter how you feel about tattoos, everyone’s getting one these days – even your favorite celebrities. Spanning across all walks of life, tattoos have firmly made themselves a part of the modern aesthetic, and we’re not complaining! These famous entertainers could make tattoo lovers out of just about anybody. From tiny tats to a full-body canvas of art, these female celebrities show that you can be inked up and feminine all at once.


With 25 tattoos decorating her skin, the otherworldly-talented musician and actress Rihanna shows confidence and moxy in everything she does. Her tattoos are varied and span across her whole body, from behind her ear to her butt and all the way down to the shark on her ankle. We wonder what she’s going to get inked next!

Miley Cyrus

This songbird has long ago shed her squeaky-clean Disney image and has revamped herself repeatedly, with new tattoos showing up to commemorate every step of the way. She has over 20 tattoos on her body, the meanings of some of them still unknown – if there is any sentimental meaning behind them in the first place. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Miley has no problem showing off her ink – and we have no problem with that!

Lady Gaga

Musician, songwriter, activist and actress Lady Gaga is always stirring up conversation, isn’t she? Her image is one of constant metamorphosis, and it’s a thrill to see what part of herself she’s going to reveal to her fans next. Her tattoos are representative of her journey through life, from the treble clef on her back to the “Letters to a Young Poet” quote on her inner arm.

Ruby Rose

Orange is the New Black star and longtime DJ Ruby Rose is one of the first women to come to mind when we think of androgynous hotness. She says all 109 – yes, 109 – of her tattoos carry with them a special meaning, which we think is both awesome and supremely impressive. For Ruby Rose, tattoos are an expression and a work of art that requires commitment and love. And we love how boldly she displays the years upon years of collected ink that she’s acquired!

Emma Roberts

Recurring American Horror Story starlet Emma Roberts isn’t decked-out in high-quality ink, but the ink that she does have is just the right amount of sexy to make it onto this list. Her three modest tattoos are hard to see at a glance, but they’re in just the right spots to pull off a “cute but sexy-fierce” vibe.